We know you know it.

You’ve heard of it, passed through once, cheered on a famous sportsperson from there, it’s where your best friend’s cousin grew up.

We challenge you to travel the world and not find one of us. Someone the place named twice hasn’t touched. Someone who hasn’t passed through,

ventured, visited or made a life under the blue, blue sky......Oh, really? That big?

It’s a common question we hear. We’re big enough to be urban, in a landscape big enough to let us be country. More than 65,000 of us call

Wagga Wagga home – yep, that’s why you always run into one of us.

Wagga Wagga is the place where paths cross and people meet. It was that way with the Wiradjuri people as they travelled the region following the

cycle of ceremonies and seasons. With major transport routes, easy access to large metropolitan areas, plenty of industry and a large education sector

it remains that way today.

Perhaps Wagga’s most famous attribute is its name, like having the Bono, Cher and Madonna version of a place name. It’s fun to say, because you say it twice – a reference to the Wiradjuri language custom, until you’re on friendly terms, and then you can just say ‘Wagga’.

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